What is the role of the Age Group Officer?

Will run whatsapp chat groups for coaches and fixture secretaries to share information and encourage discussion that promotes the values of the league and a positive environment for football.
Will discuss with coaches any thoughts or ideas to develop the league and feedback to fixtures secretary as required (i.e. re: divisions).
Will try and monitor full time in the first instance and remind coaches to complete this. AGOs will chase team admins for any scores not entered.
Will have access to a mentor who will help and guide them as necessary.

Fixtures Secretary
Will provide fixtures through the Full Time System – organising league divisions and cups through liaison with AGOs.
Will monitor full time returns and report issues to LMC.
Will monitor fixture progress and postponements and rearrange games as needed and put before LMC for decisions.

Will complete results on the day of the game and to complete the statistics entry no more than 4 days after the game. Repeated failure to do this will be reported by the Fixtures Secretary to the LMC.
Must send any postponement requests in writing/email to the Fixtures secretary and AGO. Fixture secretary will update full time. The LMC will decide on the outcome at their monthly meetings.
Speak to clubs and referees directly about any games called off due to weather/pitch conditions on the day, and postpone the fixture on full time.
Coaches should discuss with their Club Secretaries any access or system issues or training needs.

Who do I contact for information about my fixtures?

We have an Age Group Officer for each division who is your first point of contact for anything related to your fixtures. Please refer to committee members.

What do we do if we can’t fulfil a fixture?

We have an Age Group Officer for each division who is your first point of contact for anything related to your fixtures. If you cannot fulfil a fixture you will need to advise the Fixtures Secretary and opposition team manager/secretary within 48 hours of the fixture.

What is the format for the different age groups?

What are the latest COVID-19 guidelines for grassroots football?

Where can I find the handbook?

Everything that was previously in the handbook is now available online Handbook

Who do I contact if I have a Safeguarding issue or any other serious concerns relating to the welfare of a player?

Any concerns should initially be directed to your club Welfare Officer. You can contact the league Welfare Officer at paulok@scwgfl.com or Sussex County FA Safeguarding dept at safeguarding@sussexfa.com

When can a new club join the league?

We aim to be flexible and will allow a club to join the league at any point in the season after consultation with our member clubs.

How many players must be signed on and by when to be eligible to play the first game?

Each club must have at least 8 players registered 14 days before the start of each playing season